A focus on PBs

This morning’s visit to Lyme Park parkrun is actually my first run of 2019. During the NYE Bowstones race my heels were still playing up which bothered me. I also had a busy workload on…

2018: A year in running

2018 has been something of an odd year for me running-wise. A tale of a plan to make changes, coupled with some different changes being made. As such it became something unexpected. Good, but a…

HR data woes

You’ll already know that I’m one for data and detailed information. It doesn’t matter if this is in the field of running, computing, music and probably even baking. If there’s a chance of a slice…

Why I run

After many years of hammering my body on the roads chasing after PBs, I’ve realised that I’ve lost a lot of the enjoyment that I used to get from running. In this blog I set out my thoughts about how this happened and what I’m doing to find my missing mojo.

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