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2 weeks

A catch up day today. I think I over-did things the last few and really felt exhausted this morning having gone to bed way later than intended. But at least Mt Ironing has been reduced…

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An update

An unexpected break in the blog due to unexpected circumstances. My husband passed away suddenly on 11 June 2012 following a long period of ill health from complications due to a type of cancer called…

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Rage against…….

A nothing day today. To be honest, not the greatest one really. Not relaxed but instead slightly on edge all day. Angry with the world but for no specific reason. My normal tactic with this…

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Day off?

Well today was supposed to be a day off, however I spent a couple of hours in work. Not quite what I had in mind but it helped people out and served a purpose for…

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And back to work

A day of dashing about, although not for any real reason. Start off with the post office and then gym where I decided to go mad on several pieces of gym equipment guaranteeing total exhaustion…

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Ebay eBay eBay

Another day turning the house upside down looking for things to sell. Discovered a rotten skirting board and floorboard in the bathroom hence even more reason to get selling. I did go and buy some…

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