A Day In The Life

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Back to work

Whilst I didn’t manage to get away from these shores for a holiday due to the collapse of Thomas Cook, I did manage to take a week off work. It was necessary as the summer…

XC season begins

I’ve not done anywhere near as much running recently as I would do usually. The impact of a busy summer work season has meant that running has taken something of a back seat. I did…

A colourful trip likely to result in A&E

Food, glorious food

With Christmas approaching and the unbridled food-fest that comes with it, I thought I’d do a post about food. I’ve had a slightly uncomfortable relationship with food for much of my life, although the reasons…

Why I run

After many years of hammering my body on the roads chasing after PBs, I’ve realised that I’ve lost a lot of the enjoyment that I used to get from running. In this blog I set out my thoughts about how this happened and what I’m doing to find my missing mojo.

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