One to One Coaching

Perhaps you have decided to enter a race, but don’t know how to train for it. Or maybe you’ve raced before and want to improve your time.

Working with a running coach is a great way to help focus on your training. To help you get the best out of yourself and succeed in whatever goal you have in mind.

There are two ways of receiving one to one coaching.

In person

This is perhaps what most people would imagine coaching would be all about.

Online coaching

Starting with an initial conversation, we will discuss what it is you’re wanting to do with your running. I will then put together an initial plan to

These sessions are different because they’re all about YOU. What it is you’re trying to achieve dictates how we go forward.

This is something that starts with a conversation. We can talk about what it is YOU want to achieve. We’ll look at where you are now, and what it is that you need to do to reach for your goal.

Having made an assessment on that, I will put together a training plan which will be your guide as you prepare yourself for your goal.

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