Lyme Park

Bursitis and the bike

Bursitis – another injury I’d not previously heard of Well as if it seems customary these days, I get to March/April time and end up with a running injury. That’s 3 consecutive years now. Ho…

A camera day

Today was a crystal clear day, cloudless skies and not cold either. Having had to get up early for a dental appointment (which mostly seemed to involve me bleeding, and paying £18.80 for the privilege)…

New Year Running

First of all, may I wish you all a Happy New Year! I will be doing a 2015 round-up shortly, but with the year that’s just passed, it’s going to take a bit of writing….

Everything Changes

I guess this marks the beginning of a new era. Or perhaps more cryptically the beginning of the beginning of a new area. Everything changes, as they say. Website Changes First of all, if you’re…

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