About me

Having clicked on the link, I guess you want to know a little bit about me. So here goes…….

About me

Having bounced around the UK I’ve been settled in Manchester since 2002 and although the weather still hasn’t improved I’ve no plans to leave anytime soon.

I’ve always preferred blogging over the world of Facebook et al. I prefer to digest the world I live in, and write about it, rather than a meaningless status update every 95 seconds.

Original blog incarnation (A day in the life)

I recommenced the blog in 2012, shortly before the death of my late  husband following an 8 year battle with Multiple Myeloma. After his death, I found the blog a good way to work out what was clogging up my head and deal with all that had resulted from his battle with cancer.

Since then I’ve spent a lot of time on fundraising for MyelomaUK, the UK’s only charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for Multiple Myeloma.

December 2016 – Stockport 10

Relaunch and rebrand (The Running Man)

Whilst the early incarnation of this site was more or less therapy for me, in 2015 I decided to re-focus the content on my passion which is running. And technology. And food. You’ll still find some deeper posts as I still come to terms with all that life has thrown in my direction, but the site is now much more forward focused.

The historic content is intentionally left available. I found that it helped me and I hope that it may help others see that things do work out. It just takes time, some help and encouragement and a will to move forward.

I have some pretty varied interests, most of which are pretty unexciting.


Less of an ‘interest’ and more of my job! My interest in pets and all things fluffy (see below) has led me into the world of looking after other peoples animals when they are away or unable to exercise their dogs. It’s a small set up local to home and if you want to find out more, visit the website at Fluffies Pet Sitting Service. Go on, you know you want to 🙂


I took up running in 2006 to lose weight and after taking a couple of years off due to illness I returned to long distance running primarily to raise money for Myeloma UK.

I am the UKA qualified run leader at NT Lyme Park in Disley in Cheshire, and organise a weekly running group on a Tuesday morning from 10am. Details about the events, along with other outdoors events at the Park can be found here.

I’ve also recently qualified as a VI Guide Runner. I’ve yet to premier as a guide, but looking forward to undertaking events once we’re ready!

I normally post about where I’ve been running but if you use Strava or Smashrun, you can follow me on those and get the full low-down.


Although I learned to ride a bike as a child, I seemed to stop riding it by the age of 9. Thus I regard myself more as an adult learner. In 2014 I bought a bike and have been falling off it ever since in a variety of different locations.


Once upon a time I was a classical pianist. Whilst I still have a piano, it sadly doesn’t get much action. I’ve done all the joining of bands at college, learning instruments and generally making a lot of noise.

Check out http://www.reverbnation.com/noemis to hear some of what I’ve got up to in the past. My personal tastes are eclectic, but much of that has remained in the listening phase rather than recording phase.


Computing has been a hobby for much of the last 20 years – from the days when I was scared to open up a computer, through the days when I seemed to spend my life building, dismantling and rebuilding them again up to the present day when I just use them like everyone else to view pictures of fluffy animals on the internet.

I’m also a technology fan, especially when it comes to fitness-related tech. Sometimes I write about this.


I’m a church bellringer and run the tower at St Thomas, Norbury (in Hazel Grove, Stockport). You can visit the tower site here.


I collect uniform-related memorabilia. Much more interesting to me than collecting stamps, although I’m reliably told it’s a lot easier to store stamps.

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