Wormstones Fell Race 2017

Wormstones Fell Race 2017

About me

At school, I was one of those people who hated PE. It basically came down to the fact that all we ever did was play football, and I wasn’t any good at it. Back in the 1980s that basically left you out in the cold (often literally). As such I barely did any fitness activities once I left school!

Roll on to 2006 and I was overweight and couldn’t run for the bus, let alone run for pleasure! So I took up running and discovered it was far more enjoyable than school PE ever was!!!

In 2015 I founded Lyme Runners, a trail running club which is based within Lyme Park, giving me the chance to help other people to try running off-road. Helping others discover the enjoyment of off-road and trail running became a large part of my life and in 2017 I qualified as a UK Athletics accredited Fell & Mountain Running Coach in order to further this aim. I do have many years of road-running experience too, and have helped numerous runners improve their road-race results through structured training planning.

I’m also a qualified Visually Impaired Guide Runner.

Away from running I’m an avid animal lover as well as an electronic musician. So don’t be too surprised by the inclusion of music on the blog, it’s a large part of who I am!

About this site

My site started out very much as a personal blogging space, covering my running as well as my other interests.

I started to move this towards supporting the coaching aspects that I offer, however this made the site feel much more static than I wanted. I’ve therefore moved it back to being primarily a blog, but with the coaching pages available to those interested in that. I feel the site flows better this way.

So you’ll find a range of things on here:

  • My blog ‘The Running Man’
  • My coaching pages
  • My church bell ringing archives
  • My musical exploits
  • My recipes

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