Lyme Run Routes

Our group runs

We arrange our runs throughout the park, depending on weather conditions and the state of the trails.  Our core runs are usually about 4 miles (6km) in length over hilly terrain although depending on size of group and number of run leaders available we may offer a slightly longer route (5-6 miles) in addition (these will be advertised on the Lyme Runners closed Facebook group (you’ll be invited to join it once you’ve been out with us).

Distance (km)DescriptionLink to GPX
6kmEast Drive to Grn Lane turning, back via Bollinghurst reservoir to Red Lane, past admissions, return via Elmerhurst and Crow Wood
7kmKnott, up steps across to Paddock Cottage, Cluse Hey ridge through Knightslow, up the Beast, down Caters Slack, return via East Drive
7km(2nd part of T10 route) Cage, Caters Slack, Lantern Wood (mid), lower moor wall, around Knightslow, Cluse Hey Ridge to Paddock Cottage, Down to West Park Drive around back of Knott, over Turtle Brow.
6kmKnott, over stile down the fields to Elmerhurst Cottage, around back of Cage, cross East Dr to Caters Slck, through Lantern Wood and back via staff car park
7kmWest Gate, left onto Shrigley Road, past Methodist Chapel up moorland to Parkmoor, middle moor wall to Knightslow, Lyme avenue, staff car park
6km(Nightrun route) Knott, West Drive, Paddock Cottage, Cluse Hey Ridge, around Knightslow Wood, lower moor wall, up into Lantern Wood, down Caters Slack, up to the Cage and return
6kmKnightslow Wood, up the beast, Higher Moor, down Caters Slack, out/back to East Lodge, back via Cage
8kmWindgather down to turn right on Canal, along LBVIT back into Lyme on Red Lane, up/over Cage
8kmReverse parkrun route but going the T10 route through Knightslow
7kmCrow & Elmerhurst Wood, past admissions up Red Lane to Green Lane, up to East Lodge return via East drive
7kmWindgather, left onto Canal, Green Farm, West Gate up to Paddock Cottage and along lower Hasebank path
7kmCage, East Lodge, Alt Gritstone, footpath up to Higher Moor, Down the Beast and through Knightslow
8kmKnott, Green farm to canal, up Lyme Rd to Hilltop Farm, across field and through Plattwood Farm to join Red Lane return via Elmerhurst and Crow Wood
6kmCage, Caters Slack, Lantern Wood (mid), up steps to Higher Moor, down the Beast through Knightslow
7kmDrinkwater Meadow, along Cluse Hey Ridge, past Paddock Cottage and drop into woods, left up the valley under CH Rocks, along Middle Moor wall and lower moor wall, past staff car park, and Cage
5kmWest Drive, Paddock Cottage, Cluse Hey Ridge, Knightslow Wood aroud to Lyme Ave, past Staff car park and back
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