Pace calculator

Playing with a spreadsheet after a full week at work is never a good idea.

(Some people would doubt it as a good idea regardless – we all have our weaknesses!)

With having a 10k race this weekend I’ve been puzzling over my race strategy – or at least the pace I ought to be able to take it. Having looked at the statistics of my last few races (who wants to go out on a Friday night anyway……) I then realised it was meaningless given I didn’t know what pace would give the expected race time.

Hence the spreadsheet.

I figured given I’d worked this out that somebody else might find it useful. I don’t know how accurate these figures are (please feel free to comment!) but given my GPS watch seems to disagree with the measured race length by a wider margin than I’d anticipate, I guess it’s fairly academic.

The first column is the anticipated race time. The second is the minutes per mile (pace) time.

10,000m distance

0h45m 7m15s
0h44m 7m5s
0h43m 6m55s
0h42m 6m46s
0h41m 6m36s
0h40m 6m26s
0h39m 6m17s
0h38m 6m7s
0h37m 5m57s
0h36m 5m48s
0h35m 5m38s

10 Miles distance

1h14m 7m24s
1h13m 7m18s
1h12m 7m12s
1h11m 7m6s
1h10m 7m0s
1h9m 6m54s
1h8m 6m48s
1h7m 6m42s
1h6m 6m36s
1h5m 6m30s
1h4m 6m24s
1h3m 6m18s
1h2m 6m12s
1h1m 6m6s
1h0m 6m0s


1h50m 8m23s
1h49m 8m19s
1h48m 8m14s
1h47m 8m10s
1h46m 8m5s
1h45m 8m1s
1h44m 7m56s
1h43m 7m51s
1h42m 7m47s
1h41m 7m42s
1h40m 7m38s
1h39m 7m33s
1h38m 7m29s
1h37m 7m24s
1h36m 7m19s
1h35m 7m15s
1h34m 7m10s
1h33m 7m6s
1h32m 7m1s
1h31m 6m56s
1h30m 6m52s
1h29m 6m47s
1h28m 6m43s
1h27m 6m38s
1h26m 6m34s
1h25m 6m29s
1h24m 6m24s
1h23m 6m20s
1h22m 6m15s
1h21m 6m11s
1h20m 6m6s
1h19m 6m2s
1h18m 5m57s

Full Marathon

4h0m 9m9s
3h59m 9m7s
3h58m 9m5s
3h57m 9m2s
3h56m 9m0s
3h55m 8m58s
3h54m 8m55s
3h53m 8m53s
3h52m 8m51s
3h51m 8m49s
3h50m 8m46s
3h49m 8m44s
3h48m 8m42s
3h47m 8m39s
3h46m 8m37s
3h45m 8m35s
3h44m 8m33s
3h43m 8m30s
3h42m 8m28s
3h41m 8m26s
3h40m 8m23s
3h39m 8m21s
3h38m 8m19s
3h37m 8m17s
3h36m 8m14s
3h35m 8m12s
3h34m 8m10s
3h33m 8m7s
3h32m 8m5s
3h31m 8m3s
3h30m 8m1s
3h29m 7m58s
3h28m 7m56s
3h27m 7m54s
3h26m 7m51s
3h25m 7m49s
3h24m 7m47s
3h23m 7m45s
3h22m 7m42s
3h21m 7m40s
3h20m 7m38s
3h19m 7m35s
3h18m 7m33s
3h17m 7m31s
3h16m 7m29s
3h15m 7m26s
3h14m 7m24s
3h13m 7m22s
3h12m 7m19s
3h11m 7m17s
3h10m 7m15s
3h9m 7m13s
3h8m 7m10s
3h7m 7m8s
3h6m 7m6s
3h5m 7m3s
3h4m 7m1s
3h3m 6m59s
3h2m 6m56s
3h1m 6m54s
3h0m 6m52s

You don’t need to tell me I’m sad working this stuff out – I’d guessed that a LONG time ago!

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