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Life and an update

I haven’t written on the blog that much in recent months. It’s a mixture of being very busy whilst not being very busy. I’ll try to explain. A bit about work Throughout the pandemic to…

At Edale Cross

Trail running kit

One of the questions I regularly get asked by runners wanting to go off-road into trail running is about kit. There is something of a disparity about the kit that people have in mind to…

The innards of a GPX

Getting a GPX file from your run

In a year of virtual races I’ve had a number of times when I’ve been asked to forward the GPX data file to the organiser so they can update their results. Whilst it’s not a…

Tortoises on Big Stone

A post-lockdown catch-up

In many ways I wanted to have a little pause after the last of the lockdown narratives I’ve put together. Partly because there was a risk of sounding like a stuck record in a virtual…

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