Here’s my write-up of the 2018 RunLimassol festival in Cyprus. I took a weeks holiday to participate along with other members of the UKRunChat community

Racecheck #Visorclub at the National Running Show - with Dame Kelly Holmes

National Running Show

It has been a long and very busy weekend, all to do with running. I was racing today, but I’ll do my review of that in a separate post. The National Running Show I’ll start…

2018 planning

Well after my mass of running at the tail end of 2017, 2018 hasn’t exactly set on fire in it’s first 2 weeks! A planned break I’d always planned to have a little bit of…

Time to plan

A week on from #REDBED

Well it’s almost a week since I finished my Run Every Day / Blog Every Day #REDBED Challenge for December. And the eagle-eyed of you may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet on the…