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Chalking up the results

Chalking up the results

Having raced since 2006 my race results stretch back before the internet was used to thoroughly as it is today.

I found myself spending a lot of time looking for historic race results. So I decided that a local and definitive list was required.

Some of the early or small races were done purely on ‘gun time’. This takes the time the start was ordered to the time you cross the line.

However if it takes time to even get to the line, the ‘gun time’ is not an accurate representation of one’s performance.

Many modern (and generally larger) races now use electronic sensors to give each runner an accurate time. It also makes the recording of the data a lot easier and quicker.

Unfortunately it comes with a heavier price tag than a person with a stopwatch next to one with a clipboard and as such can be too expensive if the running field is small.

There are a couple of races where I’ve included my ‘watch’ time as well as the official ‘gun’ time due to this start-area delay.

Race Results

Date   Race ResultDistance
4 March 2018Anglesey Half Marathon1.28.2013.1
21 January 2018Essar Four Villages Half Marathon1.31.1413.1
31 December 2017Wormstones Fell Race0.44.366k
3 December 2017Gravy Pud Fell Race0.48.225
26 November 2017Wilmslow 10k0.39.0810k
4 November 2017Langley 70.49.447
8 October 2017Chester Metric Marathon2.00.1326.2km
17 September 2017Big Stockport 10k0.40.3010k
23 August 2017Happy Valley Foodbank 30.23.305k
2 August 2017Cracken Edge Fell Race1.03.457
2 July 2017Alderley Edge 10k0.39.3010k
21 June 2017Offerton 10k0.43.3010k
14 June 2017Bill Fox Round the Resers 2017 (Tintlewistle Reservoir 5 miler)0.34.365
2 May 2017Mobberley Round the Runway 50.31.335
12 March 2017Wrexham Marathon3.17.2726.2
5 March 2017Anglesey Half Marathon1.26.4413.1
26 February 2017Stockport Trail Half Marathon1.31.3513.1
4 December 2016Stockport 101.06.4210
20 November 2016Run Tatton Half Marathon1.28.2813.1
5 November 2016Langley 70.48.187
2 October 2016Congleton Half Marathon1.29.5213.1
4 September 2016Hatters Half Marathon1.37.0413.1
24 July 2016Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon6.04.4628
6 March 2016Anglesey Half Marathon1.26.0313.1
31 December 2015NYE Bowstones Fell Race0.54.517
6 December 2015Stockport 101.07.5810
7 November 2015Langley 70.48.487
4 October 2015Chester Marathon3.26.0526.2
17 June 2015Round the Resers 2015 (Tintlewistle Reservoir 5 miler)0.35.355
17 May 2015Eyam Half Marathon1.39.4213.1
8 March 2015Wrexham Half Marathon1.39.5513.1
1 March 2015Anglesey Half Marathon1.34.4013.1
22 February 2015Stockport Trail Half Marathon1.38.4913.1
4 January 2015Hit the Trail (Reddish Vale Park)0.35.005
7 December 2014Stockport 101.11.3810
23 November 2014Conwy Half Marathon1.34.2613.1
1 November 2014Langley 70.51.527
5 October 2014Chester Marathon3.30.0726.2
29 June 2014RunFEST  Wales Half Marathon1.33.2413.1
23 March 2014Wilsmlow Half Marathon1.34.5613.1
8 December 2013Stockport 101.13.3110
24 November 2013Conwy Half Marathon1.41.1913.1
3 November 2013Capesthorne Half Marathon1.35.2413.1
13 October 2013Oxford Half Marathon1.36.3013.1
6 October 2013Congleton Half Marathon1.38.1613.1
29 September 2013Macclesfield Half Marathon1.38.2813.1
4 August 2013North Wales Half Marathon1.46.4813.1
2 June 2013Bangor 10k0.41.0410k
26 May 2013Buxton Half Marathon1.46.2813.1
12 May 2013Chester Half Marathon1.35.5113.1
28 April 2013Snowdonia Half Marathon1.43.54**13.1
7 April 2013Blackpool Half Marathon1.36.0213.1
24 March 2013Wilmslow Half Marathon1.40.1813.1
24 March 2013Great North West  Half Marathon1.38.2313.1
3 March 2013Anglesey Half Marathon1.35.4913.1
8 December 2012Stockport 101.12.4310
2 November 2012Tatton Half Marathon1.32.4313.1
7 October 2012Congleton Half Marathon1.34.5013.1
30 September 2012Macclesfield Half Marathon1.42.0213.1
29 April 2012Greater Manchester Marathon3.38.4526.2
25 March 2012Wilmslow Half Marathon1.34.1913.1
15 March 2009Trafford 10k0.47.5410k
18 May 2008BUPA Great Manchester Run (10k)0.47.50*10k
30 March 2008Wilmslow Half Marathon1.55.5813.1
13 May 2007BUPA Great Manchester Run (10k)0.45.2210k
25 March 2007Wilmslow Half Marathon1.45.26 (1.43 on watch)**13.1
10 December 2006Stockport 101.20.5710
29 October 2006Accrington 10k0.46.2910k
8 October 2006Congleton Quarter Marathon0.50.0910k
10 September 2006Trafford 10k0.45.2810k
6 July 2006Offerton 10k0.48.1610k
21 May 2006BUPA Great Manchester Run (10k)0.46.1710k

* ran under another name –  I think this was the correct detail
** No chip timing on this race

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