I have maintained a blog for almost 6 years. The focus of the blog has changed over time with broadly two distinct phases. Although the blog is effectively a continuous stream of articles, I’ve split the two components up as follows:

A Day in the Life

When I commenced the original blog, it was very much as a self-help tool. Within 2 weeks of it being set up, I was left widowed which caused a lot of anguish and upset as you might imagine. I found dealing with that part of my life easier to work with by writing it down. Following another major trauma in 2015, I had a breakdown and again, found that blogging helped me to get back on my feet.

I could very easily just wipe those articles away. However, I feel that if they could help others in any way, even if it’s just to show that actually life can go on, then they retain a purpose. In addition, I’m a strong advocate of supporting those with mental health concerns, and the impact of running (and other exercise) on mood is something I focus on.

The Running Man

There was plenty of running content within A Day in the Life, however in October 2015 I purposely refocused the whole blog towards running. Many of the articles have been race reviews, although there’s been plenty of other topics covered too. I utilise technology in my running and have an active interest in what is going on in that world. Food gets a big look in as I like eating too! So it’s all a mixture of topics that generally centre about running.