I have maintained a blog since 2012 (there were previous ones but they’ve been lost in the mists of time).

Although the blog effectively split into two components in 2015 (see below), they both continue to be current.

A Day in the Life

When I commenced the original blog, it was very much as a self-help tool. Within 2 weeks of it being set up, I found myself widowed in my late 30s. I found dealing with that part of my life easier to work with by writing it down. Following another major trauma in 2015, I had a breakdown and again, found that blogging helped me to get back on my feet.

My original plan, having started to get my life back together was to start a new blog and effectively ‘archive’ the past. However, in the intervening time, there has been a large and positive social shift in the discussion of mental health matters. With that in mind, A Day in the Life has continued, but focusing on the everyday aspect of my life. As per its title in fact.

The Running Man

There was plenty of running content within A Day in the Life, however in October 2015 I purposely refocused the whole blog towards running. Many of the articles have been race reviews, although there’s been plenty of other topics covered too. As the main website is focused on running and coaching, it makes sense that one of the blogs reflects that – this one! There is plenty of crossover material and as such some articles will appear in both blogs.

I’ve also documented what I have (and haven’t) been up to during the 2020 lock-down in the UK due to the Coronavirus in the Lockdown Chronicles.


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