Angels & Demons


During the solitude of the global pandemic, life stalled and for many, creativity became their only way to reach out across the world. And find, they were not alone.

Kev Harte (Metal Shack) and Si Effen (No Emis) found each other through various communities and YouTube channels, and even though they were complete opposites in their musical influences, they decided to come together and create “Angels & Demons”.

Angels & Demons deliver powerful metal tunes, with passion and heart, fuelled by a love for riffs and classic metal, combined with beautiful soundscapes, delivered with a knack for dark melody.


We have our own channel which can be found here YouTube Channel.

Recorded music

We currently only release our music on Bandcamp.

The Mortality Clock

The Mortality Clock is an EP of four songs, each showcasing a different style within our writing. The lyrics cover a wide range of topics from a love lost through to power and corruption!

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