No Emis


No Emis is a genre-fluid musical project that started over 30 years ago, combining a classical music background with the synth sounds from pop, industrial and synthwave.


I try to create music videos to accompany my tracks and you can find these on my YouTube Channel.

Recorded music

I write and release my original music and it is available on all the major streaming services. All releases are shown below and include relevant links so you can listen to them on your preferred platform.


Written predominantly during the summer of 2020 ‘Asymmetry’ is a collection of original tracks inspired by my Chemistry studies at university. The final track on the album actually dates back to 1991 and was included in the original recording of the ‘Songs from the Border’ EP. Here are the release notes.

Beyond the light

Recorded during the winter 2020/21 ‘Beyond the light’ is a sonic world of synthwave, classical notes and cinematic experience.

I wrote a little bit about each track in this post.

The Fall & Rise of Reginald Fox

A summer 2021 EP creating an electro-classical fantasy piece voiced using the SWAM ‘Cello instrument.

The Digital Delusion

Much more industrial sounding than ‘Beyond the light’, ‘The Digital Delusion’ is inspired by the distortion and manipulation of reality through digital media.

I wrote about the inspiration to the album and a bit about each of the tracks in this post.


During the pandemic and through beyond the periods of lockdown, life was very unsettled. It is very much why The Digital Delusion came out the way it did, being darker and more broody than previous albums. Whether it was this, or just life getting back to normal (whatever that means) but creativity slowed to a crawl.

During the summer of 2022 I completed a new single, something much more positive and upbeat. From the darkness of Digital, comes the light of ‘Hope’.

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