Running output page

There’s a lot of running output data which I generate via the tech I carry on my runs and rides.

My current kit list is actually pretty minimal

– Garmin Forerunner 630 watch
– Stryd power / HR meter

By the magic of the internet, once I synchronise the data with Garmin, it gets output to several places.

From a ‘social media’ point of view, the details go to Strava, and my most recent outings are summarised below. Clicking on them should take you into the full gory detail although if you can’t see anything, it might be that you need to click ‘request to follow’ (and sign up if you’re not already on there).


I also summarise my statistics using Smashrun which again you can visit by clicking this link.

I find this a great website for the data summarisation. Like Strava it’s free to join (with a paid premium option available) and if you want to join, click here on my invite link.

The final site, which shows the power data is that provided by Stryd. Now in time everyone else will no doubt start to incorporate the information as power meter details for runners is bleeding edge technology in 2015.

I have a separate page detailing my race results which can be found here.

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