Norbury Bell Ringers

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Norbury Bell Ringers

I am  tower captain at Norbury Church which means I am in charge of the bell ringers and the service/performance bell ringing that occurs at the tower.

We are not to be muddled up with the Norbury Bell Ringers who play the handbells. They are something completely different!

We’re a wide mixture of ages and abilities and all in all a friendly bunch of people.

Visit the website here at


3 Comments on "Norbury Bell Ringers"

  1. Norbury Bellringers website is a bit out of date ie calendar stuck on March 2011 !!!
    If it was up to date, you could link it with Norbury church website perhaps ?

    • Yes it was a project I set up and ran whilst I had the time. But it has gone out of date and I do need to get it all updated so people know we’re still alive and kicking! Good to hear from you.

  2. Shiny new website up and running!

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