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Broken, by Ally Beaven

Broken, by Ally Beaven – Book Review

A couple of weeks ago the publisher of Ally Beaven’s new book, Broken got in touch to ask if I would like to review it. Broken is the story of a number of the Fastest…

The innards of a GPX

Getting a GPX file from your run

In a year of virtual races I’ve had a number of times when I’ve been asked to forward the GPX data file to the organiser so they can update their results. Whilst it’s not a…

Asymmetry, by No Emis

Asymmetry – a new album

If it seems a bit like double decker buses turning up, it really is coincidental. I have a new album released! Music recording A couple of months ago I posted about getting a bunch of…

Sweet Hill

Up and running. Ish

It’s a month since I hurt my knee and whilst I’ve been active for most of that time, it’s only really the last week that I’ve done any running. Injury update On the whole, the…

Songs from the border album cover

A music release after 30 years!

To mark a change from recent slew of running posts (it is a running blog after all) I’m excited to announce that today I’ve submitted my first mini-album for digital release. Music things back then…

Tortoises on Big Stone

A post-lockdown catch-up

In many ways I wanted to have a little pause after the last of the lockdown narratives I’ve put together. Partly because there was a risk of sounding like a stuck record in a virtual…

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