General Musings

One Year On

Much of my writing centres around my work for National Trust and on my attempts to improve my fitness. With the 1 year anniversary of my fledgling business approaching at the end of this month…

Dreaming of the apocalypse

I’ve been prescribed a mood-stabilising drug since my illness last year. One of the (many) side effects of Citaopram is the impact on sleeping patterns and in particular the creation of extremely vivid dreaming. Many…

Cat humour

I love this pic moreso because my own cat meme is the white cats who have become know as the ‘Evil Kitten Twins of Perpetual Fluffiness’ Who would you trust with your opened can of tuna…… You decide!

A Strange Anniversary

Today marks a strange anniversary for me. 13 April 2015 is a date which will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. One might consider it the culmination of a series of life-challenges…

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