Food Musings

Do you want extra fries with that?

(Great) Obese Britain

I make a general effort to avoid the news. Since my illness last year I tend to find that there are so many potential triggers that affect me, it’s safer to avoid it. And to…

What Use-by date?

I have a habit of never throwing anything out unless it’s ceased to work or worse. Whilst cooking my ‘That’s not my father Lasagne’ (recipe to be added shortly) I discovered some sweet chilli sauce…

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Plaited loaves

Proving that even ham-fisted cookery morons like me can make bread look like I knew what I was doing with it……..

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Bake Off Fail

I enjoy my baking and if you’ve followed my posts for any length of time you’ll have probably seen the photographs of some of my creations.  I go for substance over style, which is probably…

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The proof is in the pudding!

I posted a few of my favourite home recipes yesterday – it makes me look like I have a very sweet tooth although that isn’t actually the case. Please, try them out and let me…

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A bit of cookery goodness

My recipe folder is almost 30 years old! The card folder was given to me at school and there are yellowing pages about safety and hygiene in the kitchen and a line which states “two…