A colourful trip likely to result in A&E

Food, glorious food

With Christmas approaching and the unbridled food-fest that comes with it, I thought I’d do a post about food. I’ve had a slightly uncomfortable relationship with food for much of my life, although the reasons…

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Melting Moments

Melting Moments (Biscuits)

An old-school recipe for some simple crumbly biscuits. A simple biscuit which depending on how deep you make them can retain a bit of softness in the middle

Lasagne (That’s not my father)

This is a very quick way of making a ‘lasagne’. I say it with inverted commas because it bears little resemblance to an Italian Lasagne and would probably cause a nation of Italians to run…

What Use-by date?

I have a habit of never throwing anything out unless it’s ceased to work or worse. Whilst cooking my ‘That’s not my father Lasagne’ (recipe to be added shortly) I discovered some sweet chilli sauce…

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Lemon Drizzle Cake

Something very traditional about this cake and it’s easy to make too. As usual, I have this recipe written on the back of an envelope, so I’ve no idea of its origins.

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Death by Chocolate

I remember getting this recipe off the radio when I was about 13 years old. They were trying to make it live on air and I think everything ended up covered in chocolate. I know…

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Refrigeration Cake

The Refrigeration Cake is a childhood favourite. Easy to make and set aside in advance of a 1980s dinner party. This is very 1980s.

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