Early years

I grew up playing classical piano and was introduced to synthesizers when my parents brought home a Casio CZ-101.

A few years later I had access to a Roland D10 attached to an Atari ST 1040 through the school. With this, I wrote and recorded a mini album titled ‘Songs from the border’ between 1989 – 1991. I adopted the band-name “No Emis” as a play on my name and have retained this name for my current work.

After going to university I didn’t continue doing any music whatsoever and despite a few attempts over the years never quite got around to doing anything!

In 2018 I discovered a number of synthesizer apps on the iPad which resulted in me getting back into writing and recording music again.

After re-creating the tracks I wrote in the 1990s (still available on my bandcamp page) I set out to compose some brand new material. These have been released to all the major streaming services and details are given below.

I currently have two solo ongoing musical projects plus a project I colaborated on with Kev Harte (Metal Shack):

No Emis

No Emis band photo

A genre-fluid electronic music project fusing classical music with pop, industrial, synthwave and cinematic styles.

Find out more here.

The Si Effen Projects

Si Effen

This is a space where I can review apps, produce tutorials, record cover-versions and release original material that sits outside of the sphere occupied by No Emis.

Find out more here.

Angels & Demons

This is a power metal band consisting of Si Effen and Kev Harte. Find out more here.

Interview by Jade Starr

In July 2021 I was interviewed on Jade Starr’s daily show “How to app on iOS” where we chatted about my music and influences.

You can watch the episode here:


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