Bake Off Fail

I enjoy my baking and if you’ve followed my posts for any length of time you’ll have probably seen the photographs of some of my creations.¬† I go for substance over style, which is probably fortunate as I haven’t a clue about the latter.

Almost now as a national institution the BBC television programme ‘The Great British Bakeoff’ offers¬† 10 weeks of amateur bakers pitting their skills against each other on challenges which are well beyond anything I could imagine producing. Perhaps more oddly that such a programme exists on national television is how amazingly watchable it is – whether bread will rise or if the pastry will result in a soggy bottom – yes the programme is wall to wall full of innuendos – somehow a large proportion of the country is hooked.

It’s all good clean healthy TV easy watching. Unless you are my satellite recording box as I discovered yesterday when looking for something to watch that I’d recorded.

When Bake Off goes bad

When Bake Off goes bad

I must say I watched that episode with some trepidation!!!!!

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