A bit of cookery goodness

My recipe folder is almost 30 years old! The card folder was given to me at school and there are yellowing pages about safety and hygiene in the kitchen and a line which states “two reasons why most people should eat less fat are coronary heart disease and being overweight“.

It seems that we stopped the theory of cookery after that and did some recipes. I remember we started with mock sausage rolls, a recipe that hasn’t been used since but over time I’ve cut out and printed out various other recipes and added them to this folder. Judging by the handwriting on some of the recipes, I think I must have nabbed some of my brother’s school recipes too.

Anyway, the internet has taken over as a main resource for finding new things to do with lost-forgotten greenery in the back of the fridge and having been asked by friends and colleagues for the recipes of some of my creations, I thought I could create a page and add them to the blog.

One of the reasons for me cooking more and more is the dreaded allergy – I simply cannot risk pre-processed food as I cannot be sure what is in it, and have had some pretty yucky experiences as a consequence. I figure if I know what’s gone into the food I can be pretty confident of eating it without ending up in A&E!!

Where I know where they came from, I’ve added a credit. But over such a long period of time, some recipes I have no idea where they originated. But if you spot one of your own masterpieces on here, I’m not trying to rip anyone off as being my own work – just let me know and I can add the appropriate credit where it’s due.

Most of my recipes are in the easy to do category – I don’t go in for complicated stuff (if the recipe involves much more than bunging it in a pan and mixing violently I usually get scared off)  – so give them a go. They all have worked multiple times for me (i.e. completely idiot proof) although my oven seems to take longer than the recipes suggest, so be mindful of that.

If you have any recipes you’d like to share, let me know.

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