When dreams go mad

Well it seems the weird dream season has returned.

I don’t know much about the biology or psychology behind the dreaming process other than it’s believed to be a very healthy process where the brain has a clear out. Whether there is a biological cycle which results in the more vivid (and spectacularly weird) dreams or if it’s much more random I’m not sure. Either way, I’ve clearly been filling it with surplus stuff without even realising it!

I don’t know what triggered it. But I was being chased in a car, a small dark hatchback which isn’t the one on my drive (go figure). There was a girl in the car as well, no idea who she was, but we ended up doing some free-running around a petrol station at one point before driving somewhere else and parking up in a carpark outside a derelict¬† church or town hall type building. We disappeared into an olde world pub although I’ve no recollection of what happened in there. All I remember was coming out and not being able to find the car. Frustrating, and no idea who was chasing, or why, or where they went. Or where the girl went (clearly the pub was a greater draw…..)

The next episode seemed to involve visiting a towerblock. Again, no real clue why I was going there, but until the stereotypical council flats which loomed up on the horizon the¬† entrance area was expensive glass and huge travelators took us into the foyer. The lift was huge – it had a massive shower area in it (very useful I’m sure) and the journey to the 2000th floor (they didn’t look that big from the outside) was swift and uneventful – at least save for the motorbike in the shower area. On getting out, we were at ground level…????!!!

I can’t remember Saturday’s instalment although it was slightly less weird than the night before. I think I escaped REM sleep last night as I had a very early start this morning for a conference.

So we wait and see if the silly saga continues.

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