The Island Race – a wonderful day on Anglesey

Sometimes you can look forward to something so much that it ultimately disappoints. I’ve been looking forward for weeks for today’s race on Anglesey and was really worried it might become a damp squib. I’m really pleased to have been totally wrong. No disappointment here at all! More giggling with glee at how wonderful it all was!

This was the second of my ’13 Challenge’ half-marathons.

Today the sun shone on Anglesey. It banished all the clouds and made sure Snowdonia could be clearly seen from the Island. The Island was reflected perfectly in the still waters of the Menai Straights with the buildings lit up in the early morning sunshine. Today was a good day.


The race was brilliant – well set-out, organised and marshalled, a great turn out – runners and townsfolk cheering the race along. The course started on the Menai Bridge (Bangor side) and went out through Beaumaris, did a loop in the countryside just north of the town and then back to Menai Bridge Town.

My time improved from last week which was good too – 1h35m49s. Here I am at the finish.

A couple of weeks off racing before Wilmslow. So hopefully plenty of time to train so I can improve again – it’s another flat course so a chance to keep aiming at my PB time of just under 93 minutes, something that won’t be possible when I run the Snowdonia race in April. If the weather is like today, that will be an amazing experience, even if it has a big steep hill in the middle of it!!!  🙂

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