Plaiting bread like fog

I don’t know how I’ve got into the habit of doing a weekly round-up on a Sunday but yet again, this is what I’m doing. I’ll try to be less predictable next time.

So having had a glimmer of spring, we’ve had snow in the UK today. In March – brilliant! Actually today here wasn’t too bad, sunny for most of it although it’s bitterly cold this evening. My late afternoon walk was somewhat shorter than planned on the grounds that my coat wasn’t warm enough to put up with it any longer!

Needless to say, I’ve not run today. My ankle is still slightly niggling from last week’s race and so I don’t want to push it if I don’t have to. I’ll probably do a gym session later on. Or maybe I’ll have dinner and settle down in front of Top Gear instead…..

The microwave bit the dust earlier in the week and it’s only when it’s not there that you realise quite how much you use it. For me, mostly reheating stuff and warming one of my medications prior to use (you don’t want to clean out sinuses with cold water, it hurts, trust me!). So I went over to the local big Tesco to replace said device and also picked up a food processor in the same rather expensive shopping trip.

The saga of the food processor has been ongoing since last year. You see Mark was given a gift token by a class he taught, and that’s what he bought with it. I knew where it was when the house was cleared last June but for reasons I don’t understand, someone decided to relieve me of it. Had they asked, I’d have probably let them have it, but I was upset by the principle of it all really. In fact, a baby food chopper also spirited away at the same time, and I’ve managed to replace that this weekend too. So I’m happy to have done that, even if I’m unhappy with being left in that situation by the aforementioned means.

The Tesco trip hit me hard as it was the first such visit since Mark¬† died. I’ve always tended to use local shops but due to Mark being unable to get about as much it was convenient to use a big supermarket like that.¬† I guess the feelings hit me as I went upstairs to the electrical goods because it was one of those journeys we often made even if we weren’t buying anything up there.

ImageToday I attempted an 8-strand plait loaf. Trying to work with Paul Hollywood’s plaiting instructions more than boggled my head and so in the end I went for the ‘SInbad’ guide to plaiting bread. It actually looks very like the picture in the book, but the method is nothing like. It’s very pretty (despite being somewhat mis-shapen) but as a loaf of bread it’s a bit flat and rubbish.

So that’s the recap. The cat has taken to doing bugger-all for the most part and if feline sleeping was an Olympic sport I think I might have a champion under this roof. Had a number of phonecalls today so feel I’m up to date with the world. It must be nearly dinner time!

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