Fresh Bread, Buns & why the world revolves around cats

First day off this week so the usual rushing around to ensure we don’t run out of the things required to keep the house in order. I say “we” including the cat, and “things” meaning “cat food” and some other bits I’ve run out of. It seems the house does revolve around the little feline….!


Anyway before I went out I threw together a dough mix. A couple of years ago I managed to get into the routine where I didn’t buy bread or cakes/sweets and set the task that if I wanted them I had to make them.

This worked on several levels:
1) With sweet stuff, you realise how much fat and sugar goes into them
2) You know exactly what has gone into them (e.g.  no horses ending up in the bread mix etc.)
3) Fresh stuff tastes better and isn’t full of preservatives


So I’m going to try and return to that habit again. Despite my previous decision I had another attempt at the plaited loaf and actually despite over-proving a touch, the crumb came out as good as I’ve ever managed. The loaf is in danger of being eaten more rapidly than ever!

This evening rather than having the normal bell ringing practice we rang a Quarter Peal of Cornwall Surprise Major. A false start, a few wobbles and a bit of encouragement from other band members to make sure I stayed on my line and put the calls roughly in the right place. We got there in the end. The online record is here.

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