Quarter Peals, Fraternity fall-outs and meaningless statistics

A busy day today – mostly work-related however somewhere along the way I’d agreed to call another quarter peal. And again it needed to be conducted from a light bell due to ongoing tennis elbow which put me out of ringing in a full pealĀ in Cambridgeshire yesterday.

Although I’m not impressed with the sore arm, to be honest it was for the better than traveling down south this weekend. I had originally hoped to tie in a visit to see Mark’s family and to visit the grave but my head wasn’t really ready for the latter. I’ll go and see him again soon, but I’m not quite there yet.

Still on the topic of bellringing I visited Bellboard which is the Ringing World‘s online archive. There’s mixed feelings about its existence within the ringing fraternity as it basically does the same thing as Campanophile.

However on inspecting the site I discovered it has a statistics page which gives all sorts of useless information that nobody in their right mind ought to be interested in. Not sure whether that makes me ‘not in my right mind’ (quite possibly) or ‘totally sad’ (quite likely) but I like totally useless stats and spent almost an entire 5 minutes trying to crash the site with meaningless information about where I’ve run over the past 14 years!

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