Running quickly away from Sky

A day off and a chance to try to get up to date with a few things.

Had a good gym session – only ran a 5k but was working on changing pace which was good although I did wonder if I was going to keel over afterwards. It’s been over 2 weeks since the last run, but I was just outside 20 minutes for a 3% incline 5k so I’m not too far off pace and the ankle seemed to hold up fine. My glasses disintegrated mind, so an emergency opticians trip was included at no extra cost.

So I’m looking forward to Wilmslow, my third Challenge race although quite what the weather has in store I’m not sure. Winter seems to be back in full flow again at the moment with more snow coming in tomorrow. Horrible nightmares of last year’s marathon conditions are coming to mind.

Sky TV are harassing me. I ended my contract with them last August after Mark passed away. I really only got it installed because he was due to move in (this was in 2009) and it was something he quite enjoyed having had it for years. However to be honest I was getting fed up of all the BBC repeats which I was paying a small fortune each month for the privilege of watching again – complete with adverts unlike on the original time around.

Anyway I explained very clearly at the time the reasons why I was getting rid and that I would appreciate no sales calls from them. I had to shout at them about 3 months later when they started on at me as to why I had cancelled and this episode was upsetting because it wasn’t that long after the summer.

So they’re ringing at least once per day – twice today in fact. I’ll not go back to them if they value customers requests so little that they disregard them as soon as the call has ended.

I’ve managed to track down an online chat agent and apparently they’ve updated something now. So we’ll wait and see if that puts an end to it all.

In other news I’ve tried to sort out my filing system (epic fail) and baked flapjacks and bread (both successes). Tomorrow I’ll consider tidying the back room (expected epic fail)

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