A very low railway bridge

Fred Perry Way: part 1

For the 20 plus years I’ve been a Stockport resident I’ve been aware of the Fred Perry Way as it’s a way-marked route that criss-crosses the borough. But for whatever reason, I’ve never actually followed…

my heels as of November 2022. Still looking a bit angry!

When plans go to pot

Well you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of activity on here since the summer. This is actually a post I’ve repeatedly put off writing. Mostly because I’ve wanted to work out exactly…

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Life and an update

I haven’t written on the blog that much in recent months. It’s a mixture of being very busy whilst not being very busy. I’ll try to explain. A bit about work Throughout the pandemic to…

Sweet Hill

Up and running. Ish

It’s a month since I hurt my knee and whilst I’ve been active for most of that time, it’s only really the last week that I’ve done any running. Injury update On the whole, the…

Tortoises on Big Stone

A post-lockdown catch-up

In many ways I wanted to have a little pause after the last of the lockdown narratives I’ve put together. Partly because there was a risk of sounding like a stuck record in a virtual…

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