It begins. #REDBED is live

It's a Red Bed for #REDBED
It's a Red Bed for #REDBED

Introducing the introduction

So here’s the thing. A number of my running comrades on Twitter have done a Run Every Day (RED) challenge. I’d not come across anything like this before this year, and ironically not until I was injured.

In fact there’s been a number of different challenges throughout the year, keeping people interested and fit in the process. Even though I wasn’t in a position to join in, it didn’t stop me following them.

Things became a little frustrating in September when a large number of the people I follow on the @UKRunChat forum took part in the #MarathonInADay challenge. Frustrating because it was raising money and awareness for the charity MIND. And I so wanted to get involved, but couldn’t.

Introducing #REDBED

It did however sow a seed of intention that I wanted to do another running challenge. At least once I was able to run again.

Now it’s true to say that I can’t keep things simple. When I was fund-raising for Myeloma UK in 2013, I devised a challenge whose base factor was the number 13 and a total mileage covered being divisible by 13. Anyone sensible would have just fund-raised for a big one-off race!

And so true to form, I’ve not kept my December challenge simple.

I started by joining the @RunUp2Christmas challenge raising money for the charity MIND. Despite living with a flotilla of mental health issues over the last 5 years, I’ve ‘avoided’ it. I guess I felt it was self-indulgent.

So, having got a base plan, let’s do a #RunEveryDay. That is, after all, what got me into this in the first place.

But I can do that (said he, having never run a streak longer than 10 days). So, let’s blog about it as well. EVERY DAY.

This isn’t as random as it may seem. In my darkest days writing about my experiences was a life-line. And looking back at those posts, I realise the scale of the journey that was traveled.

So we have #RunEveryDay and #BlogEveryDay. Let’s call it #REDBED for short.

I know what that might look like.

It's a Red Bed for #REDBED

It’s a Red Bed for #REDBED

The preparation for #REDBED

Having never done an extended run streak before, I became nervous about whether I could do it. To the point I thought I ought to practice….

Today is #REDBED day one. However, it’s the 32nd day of my running streak, which started on 31st October. Ooopsie!

And the written bit? #REDBED

Having fallen out of the habit of blogging over the past 2 years, I was a little concerned about whether I’ll have anything to write about. I’ve asked for some possible Blog topics from my twitter comrades, but the reality is I’m sure I’ll have some things to talk about.

The blog posts will be on the website and you’ll be able to find me on Twitter via my handle @SWFN_Runman. So please follow me on there and let’s see where this journey takes us….!

So, what about day 1

Today was pretty quiet with regards to work, which meant I could be flexible about my run plans. Given the short length of days in December, I’m packing both my road and trail shoes in the car when I go out to work. I was driving to my first job, albeit on the early side and pulled over near Happy Valley. I’ve only run here a couple of times; one race in August, and another run where it was going dark and I went around in circles, eventually emerging through a field in a different village.

About the only in-focus photo I managed with me in it

About the only in-focus photo I managed with me in it

So a bright clear morning and the chance to explore. So that’s what I did.

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