1 month on

A month ago I was sat in the Emergency Department with an IV fluid bag feeding fluids into my arm. Although I didn’t feel unwell at the time, my body was dealing with a serious condition called Rhabdomyolysis. If you’ve not heard about Rhabdo, take a detour to my last post where I talked about the condition.

I thought it would be worth checking in and seeing how things have progressed.

The medical team assured me that whilst I had been quite unwell, the condition was reversible and that I should be fine once the body had healed. Indeed, 10 days later when I had my annual blood tests, my CK levels were back below 100 u/l, which is less than 400 times the concentration they were when I was admitted!

And the panic about the diabetes test was also resolved (I’m not) so in theory that’s me with a clean bill of health. I think the reality is a bit more complicated.

I took a couple of weeks off everything I could. So a bit of work still around (it’s my quiet season) but definitely nothing going on the fitness front. In part due to a really heavy cold that floored me. Whether the medical situation was caused by this, or whether it came on as a result of my body having a meltdown I’m not sure. One of the runners in the car heading to/from the race had a cold so I may have picked it up there. The simple fact is I don’t know.  But it did quell any thoughts of a quick return to anything, so I guess ever cloud, hey?

It’s safe to say that having started to get out running again, things seem a lot harder. I mean LOTS harder. And again, it’s difficult to know whether this is due to what happened last month, or something wider which ultimately contributed to the trip to A&E. I reset my Garmin watch, which had seemingly gone peculiar, and similarly the refreshed data suggests a drop in fitness.

It crossed my mind that I had Covid back in September last year and I wondered whether this was a factor. It would seem surprising that the matter only has come to light now.  In addition, my working out in the gym seems to hammer me more than I would expect. Could the muscle damage which caused the Rhabdo have affected my heart? Again, it’s a type of workout I’m less used to so it’s probably a case of trying to draw conclusions from random data points.

But it’s something I’m going to be keeping an eye on going forward to see how things progress in the next few weeks.



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