A bit more campanology

I’ve not had much of a chance to put a blog post together for the past few days. Hopefully that will be rectified over the weekend if I can catch up with myself. And have something to say of course!

One minor project I have taken on is to add a number of pages┬árelating to bell ringing performances – it’s as dry a subject matter as it sounds. You see I had all the information up to date on a past website, yet following a conversation with my brother about a performance we were both in, I discovered it was nowhere to be found. Worse still, many of the records I’d assembled seem to have joined it in the abyss.

And whilst much of the recent recording can be found in various corners of the interweb, head before 2005 and it seems the world was monochrome and only in paper format. So researching what I need to find really will be old-school magazine scouring, rather than than modern day wikipedia scan for all of your needs.

I know which I’d prefer…….

Still the page header for this project, should you wish to have a look at data which is even more arbitrary and incomprehensible than the running data I regularly post, you can find it at the top-right of the site, or by clicking this forthcoming link…….

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