A week of anniversaries

Well November seems to have been a frantic month so far. Work has been especially busy and I’d like to say I’m glad to have made it through to some time off.

The problem is that this week is not a pleasant one for me.

Tomorrow would have been our 3rd wedding anniversary. Friday would have been Mark’s 53rd birthday.

Friday is in fact the first anniversary of Mark’s burial.

Whilst it might seem odd I decided after the funeral in June 2012 that it would be better to combine two anniversaries rather than have extra ones littered about, waiting to catch out the unsuspecting.

Now this week has come along, I must say I’m questioning my logic, although in my head it remains the right decision. The heart is struggling with it though.

I feel very distracted, very lost, really for the first time in some months. I know it’s just something I need to get through and I know it isn’t going to hurt me. I have plans to visit Mark and to see the family and that will be a big comfort. I can drop off the Christmas presents and that will feel like a positive move. Life does go on, after all.

I’m told things will get easier and I believe they will. It’s just a hurdle I have to get over.


I always intended to try to get a t-shirt made up to mark the ’13’ Challenge, and it arrived this afternoon. I’m pleased with it – I’m not entirely sure I have the ego to wear a t-shirt with my own picture on it, but it is a nice memento if nothing else.


The 13th Half-Marathon is less than a week away now, and my race number also arrived in the post today. My knee has been playing up a little since the last race and hopefully with a bit of gentle exercise that will be fine. I’ll have to take this race at a sensible pace though, I don’t want to get an injury, even at this late stage of the challenge.

Then there’s just one final race in December which rounds off the 13 Challenge.

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  1. Take care Si. We’re here for you. 🙂

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