Another anniversary

They say time is a healer. And to an extent, they are right.

Today would have been Mark’s 54th birthday. That’s quite a strange thought given he never actually made his 52nd anniversary.

The events of 2012 seem disquietly distant now. I can remember it vividly, although the intensity of the feelings seems distant in its own way as well.

Clearly it’s been on my mind to an extent as he’s been in my dreams. Nothing this time that I can remember unlike some of those in the past, but that said, a definite presence.

I’d normally be in Cambridge at this time of year, but this year I’ve felt the need to take myself away from everyone. True, there is a reason for my departure, that being a race (although I’m stuffed full of cold so whether or not I get myself to the start line is a question yet to be answered).

Sometimes I just need that space to work out where I amĀ  with everything.

I’m sure the next post with be back to my usual irreverent self. But despite what I tell myself and others, life isn’t always fluffy.

Rest in peace, Mark. x

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