Another brick on the floor

Well as expected it still rained a lot, but not as much as it had done. It’s apparently one of the worst September storms on record, which makes me wonder how they keep all these weird records (wettest summer, coldest 17th November, springiest spring) – perhaps it’s a job one can apply for at the ONS. If it is, I think they can keep it.

The bedroom wall was demolished today, so that’s the first proper breach into the existing house. This was after the builder nearly swallowed a wasp and I was anticipating a wild dash to A&E trying to avert an anaphlactic shock, which thankfully didn’t occur.

The long outstanding task of defrosting the freezer was completed as was the ironing. Just need to get a pinny now to complete the image of domestic god-dom.

Managed to fail to eat sensibly today. And need to organise cakes for tomorrow as it’s my turn. Exciting life I lead.

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