Back to work

Whilst I didn’t manage to get away from these shores for a holiday due to the collapse of Thomas Cook, I did manage to take a week off work. It was necessary as the summer season was very busy and I was tired. And as I’d not managed to get anything done in the house, things were in a bit of state here too.

All holiday-like things do come to an end and I was back in work, getting jobs done again and trying to remember where I was up to with my paperwork. That latter bit is always the stressful one; I can remember how to look after the animals, but sometimes it does feel like within a 1 week period I can completely forget how to manage a small business! Thankfully this time around that panic seemed to pass quicker than it has done previously.

The photos I’d sent off for enlargements came back today, about a week earlier than I was expecting them, so that’s good. I did need to pick up some picture hooks as my stash that I’ve had forever (it seems) was now empty. Or lost. I think I’ve probably used all the useful things and lost all the bits I didn’t know what they were for. So I’ve finally got some new wall art and I’m really pleased with it.

Back is still being annoying creaky for no obvious reason. I know there’s an ageing aspect to this but surely I can’t pick up a running-type injury simply by going to bed?!!

Meanwhile the planning for next month’s ultra continues in earnest. Route, I think, is basically set now and it’s just a matter of learning it. Attention is now more focused on the logistics of the day; it’s self-supported so I need to carry all my own kit except for anything I can pick up on the way.  I’ve factored most of that in already, but there’s just the matter of storage whilst I’m running; which pack to take? I did find myself looking at new packs online, but with a car boot seemingly full of different packs I already own, I don’t think I really wish to add another to the collection. Definitely a feeling of excitement and anticipation at the moment. We’ll have to see at what point that becomes abject dread!

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