Bad weather dodging #REDBED Day 29

I knew yesterday that I had to get the final long run in of #REDBED. I’d seen the weather forecast for today and it wasn’t pretty!

Bad weather and bad planning

My original hope for today had been to go on a running excursion with the Saturday crew to recce the Grindleford Gallop route. Most of the group knew it and it was an excuse for a long trail run out. It’s a race I’ve never done. Given it sold out in 10 minutes for 2018, it’ll be a while before I try!

However the bad planning was in the shape of work, which kiboshed my plans to do anything for much of the week. Ho hum!

Then again, looking at the forecast for today, a 22 mile hilly hike may have been a bit bracing!

Today's forecast for Grindleford

Today’s forecast for Grindleford

I’m loving the wind-speed for the late afternoon. And hoping that the group are well clear of the route by 3pm!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to Grindleford. Hazel Grove it would have to be!

Wet work and then a break

I got up to heavy rain this morning. Which degenerated into very wet snow. Perfect for being out and about. None of the benefits of proper snow and all the disadvantages of heavy rain!

Eventually after lunch, I got home and it wasn’t raining. The pavements were somewhat icy still but it was mostly slush. I figured if I left it any later for a run it would either:

– rain again
– snow again
– both and then freeze solid

So out came the running gear and off out for a brief 3.5 miles.

A somewhat familiar route!

A somewhat familiar route!

It wasn’t inventive and was simply a quick nip out whilst the going was good, knowing that it probably wouldn’t last! It was also slightly longer than the planned 5k.  I realised that my 191 miles to date for December was actually only 190.6 miles. Doing 3x 5k routes would bring the total to only 199.9 miles. And that would be very annoying!! It was nice to be able to deal with that matter on a day when I wasn’t sure how I was going to get a run in, at all!

The outlook for the weekend

The weather would appear to be less grim this weekend according to the weather forecast people. That said, forecasting the weather is not one of their strong points!

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