Bicycles and Chainsaws: a winning combination

It’s been a number of days since my last diary entry. A slightly lumpy week but nothing too desperate, at least not in retrospect.

I’ve had to work in an office this week which in my mind rates alongside bashing one’s thumb with a hammer repeatedly. Being involved in a training presentation would normally not bother me in the slightest, however this is the sort that has to be delivered in the way the author wants it delivered, rather than the way I would tend to do it. So it’s taken a little more work than it might. First live outing of the presentation is tomorrow and I guess in six weeks I’ll have done it so many times I’ll thoroughly hate it!

Tuesday was a disturbing evening – the anger returned and really tried to be centre stage. How no furniture, crockery or limbs were not broken is something of a pleasant reality, it could have been so much worse. Thankfully it went overnight and hopefully won’t come back.

With working elsewhere this week I’ve even had the bike out which has been a challenge as I don’t cycle that regularly. But it is good exercise and coupled with the visits to the gym this week, hopefully getting me fit. This is the second weekend when I’ve not gone out and done a long run, so here’s hoping the race next weekend isn’t impeded too greatly.

Friday night I went out into Manchester, met up with some people, got home a lot later than planned but had a good evening regardless. May have to do that a bit more often; I’m too happy to stay in after work unless I need something specific from the shops so it’s a bit of a culture change for me.

Yesterday I played with powertools, trying to prune the leylandii to about an inch below ground level. I’m hoping with a bit of nature that over the next 12 or so months it’ll rot away so I can do something different there. I’d dig it out, like the other stumps, however I’d have to take out the lawn, hedge, driveway and probably the immediate pavement to get a hole big enough for that. High explosives and electricity might be more fun, but I suspect someone might fuss if I went down that route. Although I could do it on November 5th and probably nobody would bat an eyelid 🙂

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