Cabbage – or ‘whatever happened to Friday?’

The weekend was all about catching up. A good friend from West Yorkshire came over to visit as it had been a good while since we’d had a good chin-wag.

This was almost de-railed by a kebab.

It is pretty much tradition that such fayre is eaten on the final night shift. Not the food-hygiene nightmare of the drunken doner, rather something chicken based. All very nice but unfortunately the cabbage in the salad wasn’t heated through enough. Net result was neck cramps and an urgent reach for the anti-histamines which I carry with me in case of such emergencies.

I got home safely, but the next thing I remember it’s 5pm, which given I got home at about 6.30am was a bit of a concern. Not least as my friend was due to arrive at 3.30pm….!

A glance the phone noted a missed call and I quickly and rather sheepishly rang straight away.

As luck would have it, the rail network had done its usual Friday afternoon implode meaning my friend had only been stood at the station for about 20 minutes wondering where the heck I was!

I also spent most of Friday evening wondering where the heck I was. Although the anti-histamines are great for stopping the full allergic reaction (which generally takes me out for about 7-10 days) it does result in a very hazy 24 hours.

Thankfully, come Saturday I woke up early enough to let in a group of visiting bell ringers to the church and managed to eat lunch without sparking me out for the rest of the day. We actually spent much of the evening watching BBC comedy. I’d love to say it was all modern stuff, paid for through the TV licence. However, the programmes covered ‘Morcambe & Wise’ and the comedian ‘Dave Allen’. Both totally hilarious, however most of the footage was 30-40 years old!!!

I wonder (seriously) how much of the material being produced today will still be as funny in 40 years time.

Despite a bedtime not too late, I missed the morning completely. A combination  of the spectre of nights. And the spectre of Cabbage.

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