Everything Changes (part 2)

A Mastiff-Pug cross - let's home the Pug was the father!

Well prior to me re-uploading the recipes onto the new platform I commented about how change was in the air. I called it ‘everything changes’ but still left the main change hanging out in the shrink wrap.

The move to a paid hosting platform was in preparation for the launch of a new business venture.

If you’ve been observant there have been clues – such as the ‘Fluffies on Facebook‘ box to the right of this post when it was published as well as some disparate comment on one of the other pages (about?) but due to contractual matters it has only been today that I felt that a full announcement could be done. Mentions on Twitter are purely coincidental @FluffiesPetSit if you want to go there.


October 28th 2015, we can announce the launch of Fluffies Pet Sitting Service.

So pop the corks of the sparkly non-alcoholic fizz! It’s time to celebrate 🙂


So what do you need to know about this (other than to visit the website, like the Facebook page and follow it on Twitter)?

Well there are four main services:

  • Pet Sitting – where owners are away for a short or extended period, we will visit daily to feed and clean the pets left behind at home in their own environment.
  • Dog Walking – a regular dog walking service with two walk-length options. Designed to take the hassle out of having to walk your own dog on top of all of your other commitments
  • Pet Company – you’re popping out for a few hours, it might be an appointment, it might be dinner with friends. We’ll stop by at your home and keep your pet company
  • House Guardian – whilst you are away (regardless of whether you have pets) we can pop in to your home, shift the post away from the door, open/close curtains, put the bins out on the right day so it’s not immediately obvious you’re away.

Please, visit the Fluffies website. Spread the word.

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