A busy, yet unremarkable day.

After the rainstorm of yesterday everything was calm again. Builders arrived with large amounts of concrete for the new floor, which was quickly laid and they went away whilst it dried.

The cat decided it could take a short cut, so my nice level floor now has paw prints across it’s length. As does my dining room and kitchen where it trailed in the concrete on the paws heading for the food bowl.

Glad I decided to avoid the stark industrial concrete-on-view look for the house!

Got to work, did lots of little jobs which will actually be useful to other people which is all I can hope for at the moment. Tomorrow will be the same sort of thing, only working later although I wonder how much exactly I’ll be able to do sat in the office whilst all the people I need to speak to will be at home starting their weekend. Oh well!

Went to ringing practice – listening tonight we definitely needed practice! Came home and ended up searching through houses on Rightmove. Not that I intend to buy any. In fact I’m not sure why I was looking. It was quite sad though, looking at places and thinking “that would have been an interesting place for the two of us to live” but then resenting the place on the grounds there’s only me to house.

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