Hedge funds give need for car repairs

I’m playing catch up again with the blog.

It’s a case of being busy with lots of things which aren’t particularly exciting really. In truth, much of the content here has that underlying truth in its veins.

But then, one has to wonder if anyone, in reality, has the sort of exciting life that we possibly dreamt lay before us when we were youngsters. I’m sure there are a minority – they’re the ones who just go off and do things. They are less interested in the day to day world of work, mortgages and deadlines. I admire that people are able to do that.

It’s not somewhere I could exist comfortably – I like order around me just a little too much. I’m far from being an OCD sufferer, however I do have traits of it, albeit more acting as a comfort blanket rather than an inflexible world of order.

It has already been an expensive week. I demolished my garden hedge about a week ago (intentionally), and owing to its size, had to transport it to the tip in the car. About 6 journeys, plus 4 recycle bins. And then some still waiting to go in the bins.

Net result a car with too much hedge inside and a lot of general muck on the outside. I took the car for it’s annual trip to the carwash and seemingly lost a wing mirror cover in the process. Of course it might have fallen off at any time, but that seems the most likely.

Thankfully, eBay exists. I’d shudder to think what the Ford dealership would want to charge me for a replacement piece of plastic. In fact, lots of people wanted to charge me £50 for it, but I managed to find one charging £11. Call me old-fashioned but……!

It makes a buying something ‘ordinary’ from eBay. It’s always amazed me what people are selling on there. One purchase I didn’t make was for a ‘set of 5 wind-up clockwork nuns‘ which my brother pointed out to me. Two pertinent questions I’ve never had answered:

  • why would anyone own a set of these in the first place
  • what the hell are you looking for to get this to turn up in a search of ‘things you might like’

I wonder if anyone did buy them, and whether it was for a genuine purpose (go figure?) or for the purpose of wondering what they hell one does with such a lot. I’ll never know.

Anyway, the hedge is gone, the outside of the car is clean, I have a non-matching wing-mirror and the inside of the car desperately needs a hoovering out.

And I’ve already started on the Lilac at the back – powertools have been deployed, trenches dug out, and yet the blighter is still there, steadfastly refusing to go anywhere.

The cat seems to have recovered from it’s illness. I’ve not heard from the vet. Which is a good thing as I’m sure he’d only be sending another bill for the damage.

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