Myeloma UK article

I'm embarrassed to admit the time it took to assemble this!

Myeloma UK article

Myeloma UK have done an article about ‘the 13 Challenge’ of last year which is a nice read.

I’m pleased they’ve published something as it’s explaining to the readership how to get involved, which is something I really believe in. The article is specifically aimed towards the Edinburgh Marathon but I explain in the article about being inspired in order to inspire others.

With any illness or bad news, it’s so very easy to become overwhelmed by the headline reality and for me to able do something positive is important me.

Mark always stated that he preferred to talk of his cancer, rather than hiding away. It empowered him away from dwelling on the illness and feeling perceived as a victim.

It was always very noticeable how uncomfortable people were around the subject of cancer, so to take them on that journey to address that was always rewarding. Get rid of the fear, uncertainty and doubt. Let’s talk facts, not fiction.

His positive attitude inspired me to go out and do something positive.

If I can persuade just one person to do likewise I will have fulfilled my purpose.

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  1. Fantastic effort that man, keep on running pal

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