Night Time working and morning Half-Marathons – NOT a winning combination!

I seem to have a lifetime’s wealth of experience about breaking my body and mind in many different ways. And the last 24 hours was no exception providing a new chapter in this.

Having been in an office-based profession for over 13 years before my career change, I thoroughly enjoy working shifts these days. Admittedly I seem to have lost my zest for early mornings that perhaps I had previously but such is life.

It’s only recently I’ve returned to working full night shifts as well, and this left an interesting situation with the Challenge races. Last night I worked and this morning I had a race. When I mentioned it last night my colleagues looked at me as if I really had finally lost the plot which is a pretty accurate acid-test that such a plan is probably bonkers.

The shift itself was bonkers. I think if I’d cloned everyone twice over it would have been busy still. But thankfully I don’t have that technology to hand with the result that by 6am everyone was fit to drop.

And all but one of the team hadn’t booked a half-marathon immediately after it……….

The plus points. Great weather and I didn’t die in the process. And the t-shirt is quite good albeit the same colour as Macc last week.


It wasn’t the best run, the final mile was a mile too far for my legs which felt like jellies under my waistline. It’s known as sting-in-the-tail due to the hill at the end of the course and I had nothing left for it.

The time wasn’t that bad – 1h38m16s chip time although looking at my split-times I lost about 90 seconds in that last mile (which is surprising given the state of my body by this point!). But it was about 2.5 minutes slower than last year which was disappointing although to be fair I didn’t work all night last year and instead had a night’s sleep before that race!

I got home and showered and went to bed. Now given I’d been up for nearly 24 hours AND run 13.1 miles I expected I’d need more than 2 hours sleep.

So I think my body clock has broken – probably in protest! So if you see one lying around looking damaged and forlorn, it’s probably mine. Can I have it back please…….?

At least one plus point is I had the sense to book tonight’s night shift off.

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