Of fans and doors

Winter has made an appearance this weekend. It’s the nicer version of winter this time – cold crisp, dry and sunny (as opposed to the more familiar cold & wet).  Just been out to Sunday Service ringing at my local church and back waiting for a friend to pop around to help with cleaning the loft out.

A well-known national energy company visited me on Thursday to see if I qualified for a grant for loft insulation. Which apparently I do, providing I get rid of the old bits of probably-non-effective papery stuff first. What a fun way to spend a sunny Sunday…….

Anyway, a few more bits of the build came together yesterday, with the extractor fan in the shower proving its worth last evening before I went out to a (surprise) 40th birthday party. And the joy of getting up this morning and discovering the big difference in temperature between the kitchen and the conservatory, now there is a door between them.

My house is finally becoming a warm place. Mark would have been very pleased.

I had hoped to get running this weekend however cold #2 seems to have taken up residence almost immediately after I shifted cold #1. Not best pleased, and even moreso as it appears I missed the closing date for the Preston half-marathon next weekend. I wouldn’t normally leave it so late to enter, but there’s little point committing to something like that knowing I’m unwell as it only serves to make it a longer recovery period.

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