Of travelling clocks and pastures new

A week of changes.

Whilst on a course relating to my current job I received a phone call telling me I had been seconded! So tonight was my last one in my current role.

It’s all quite odd I think because it’s all happened very quickly. True, I put the paperwork in myself, expressing an interest in the new role, but from it being a bit of paper to suddenly being reality took everyone by surprise. There were a few concerns as to how my share of the work was suddenly going to be divvied up, but all being well that will be sorted out without causing anyone too much grief.

It’s odd as it’s only a secondment and I should be returned in due course – hopefully wiser but otherwise undamaged. Yet the feeling seems to be more ‘goodbye’ than ‘see you later’ – obviously we’ll have to see on that. Onwards and upwards as they say.

2013-07-31 09.37.47

I was even given the office clock to look after. I say ‘office clock’ – it’s a carriage clock that’s been knocking around the office for ages and I think it was an excuse to tidy up. Still, it has a shiny new battery in it and it’s keeping time so I’ll take it on the journey with me. Not quite like photographing a garden gnome in different worldwide locations, but at least I’ll know what time it is.

The site here has changed. I’ve had the existing layout for most of this year and fancied a change. Do you like it?

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  1. All the best for the new role Si! Hope you enjoy it as well. And, yes, the new layout looks very good!

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