Normally when I update the blog it’s just before I go to bed, but seeing as I’ve not written very much in the last few days I thought I’d catch up on it now.

It’s my day off although I haven’t really got anything planned, other than a pensions meeting later on. Not everyone’s idea of something to do on their day off but it’s all in the name of CPD, and not for the day job either!

Pulled something in my shoulder about 36 hours ago. It’s still sore but I can turn my head a little better now so hopefully it’s settling down without the need to get it treated.

Just been tidying up around me – my working weeks are uneven with one in three being unduly heavy (76 hours) with just the Wednesday in the middle available for recovery. It also ends up being the day I try to get the house looking like someone actually cares.

Speaking of houses it looks like the bungalow may have been let. We did a lot of tidying at the weekend to try to get it something like ready (the decorating was done, just a few curtains to add and the garden to tidy).You can see the results here.

Just need to sort out a few more bits of paperwork (you send one form back and another two appear to take its place) and I think I might be on top of that……

As for the title, it’s sunny today!

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