The internet and why we probably don’t need customer service centres

Sat here having fired the blog up to keep myself occupied. 7 weeks ago, give or take 30 minutes, I got the news I was dreading about Mark and Mondays have continued to be slightly more difficult than the other days.

The builders didn’t show today, a shame given it’s probably going to be the best day weather-wise all week. I started the day at the post office, clearing another pile of inherited items on ebay. I’m actually at the point now where I’m pretty much though the ‘ebay out of desperation to reclaim the house’ which is quite nice; I can’t see the attraction in people running ebay businesses from home if it’s anything like what I’ve had to do this weekend, but doing it all the time. No thank you, I am not and will not become a trader or business!

Tai Chi is starting to look a little more intentional now, rather than some comedy item from the Generation Game. Although it is still very much a comedy of errors.

I spent the afternoon trying to understand the world of the Land Registry department, a place with a telephone helpline that just tells you to go look at their website. To be fair, eventually I did find most of what I was looking for – still don’t know whether I’ve completed all the forms, I don’t know what it costs and I have no idea how to self certify against SDLT.

Revision didn’t get a look in. I really do need to get some focus on that otherwise it’ll be a true waste of money, and I don’t want to be doing that at all.

And then comes the pain of Monday evening. I really should have gone out and in fact I’m not sure why I didn’t. I did manage to do some tidying in the garden but being solitary on known bad days is not the way forward.

Tuesday tomorrow. Apparently it’s going to rain. Welcome to British Summertime!

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