The training restarts. As does the hayfever

I had planned the  Challenge runs around my Achilles Heel – hayfever. As my food allergy is linked into this common summertime ailment the two gang up on me and  for a period of about 6 weeks, life is challenging to say the least.

Summer in Manchester is late this year. Normally I start to suffer at the end of May, but it seems the elder flowers are only now coming into bloom, a month late.

The plus point is that the early races were totally unaffected but it has made the recommencement of training that bit harder. Actually the next stage of the challenge is the bike ride in 10 days time and not being much of a cyclist I’ve been concentrating on that.

It was at work when a colleague joked that i should have a doughnut  as i would easily burn it off with all the running, that it dawned on me that the last time I had worn my running shoes was aa whole month previous.

So it was with trepidation and a little guilt that I returned to the gym this afternoon. It could have been a lot worse, but with the next half marathon being 4 weeks away, and it being a less than straightforward one, i have a lot of work to do. And I might just forego the doughnuts next time…..

At least I have maintained my race weight, although it’s a bit of a mystery as to how that might be!

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