We’ve moved. Where’s the kettle?

Quite a few things to bring up to date on the site, but this is just a quick note to confirm that this is the ‘new’ site.

As explained on the ‘old site’ I’ve had a change in hosting company with bringing the four sites I manage under one roof – albeit they remain as separate sites because they all do different things.

In theory, other than the change in web address it should all look pretty similar. Identical was the plan however it seems that some of the functionality within WordPress.com is bespoke to them, and replication  outside of there has been difficult.

But otherwise, it’s the same stuff on tech, running, music, baking and generally living a day at a time.

Make sure you bookmark the page. The email subscription thing is something I’m still working out so the best way to find out what’s going on is to visit!

Stay tuned, more to follow!

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